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Patient Care Foundation Reveals 2023 Innovation Award for Wellness Honoree: City of Hope

LACMA's Patient Care Foundation to Present the 2023 Innovtion Award for Wellness to City of Hope, at the Los Angeles Healthcare Awards on Dec. 1!

A beacon of hope and innovation in the field of healthcare, City of Hope has earned the esteemed recognition of the Innovation Award for Wellness at the Los Angeles Healthcare Awards. This distinction reflects the exceptional contributions and unwavering commitment of City of Hope in the realm of comprehensive cancer care and beyond.

As one of only 54 National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer centers in the United States, City of Hope has garnered national acclaim for its exceptional treatment, pioneering research, and unparalleled expertise in addressing the multifaceted challenges posed by cancer. The prestigious NCI designation serves as a testament to City of Hope's excellence in every aspect of cancer care.

City of Hope's leadership extends beyond its NCI recognition; it is a founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), underscoring its role in shaping the landscape of cancer research and treatment on a national level. NCCN member institutions are celebrated for their world-renowned experts and their dedication to addressing complex, rare, and aggressive forms of cancer.

The City of Hope community was profoundly saddened by the unexpected loss of Dr. Arti Hurria, the Director of City of Hope's Center for Cancer and Aging. Her legacy at City of Hope, where she pioneered geriatric cancer care, remains an enduring tribute to her remarkable contributions towards the establishment of the physician wellness program. Dr. Hurria's untimely passing leaves an indelible void, but her impact continues through her pioneering work and the countless lives she touched.

This award serves as a fitting tribute to City of Hope's enduring commitment to wellness, groundbreaking healthcare solutions, and its tireless efforts to improve the lives of countless individuals. The Los Angeles Healthcare Awards' recognition of City of Hope reinforces its pivotal role in advancing healthcare and wellness on a regional and national scale.

INNOVATION AWARD FOR WELLNESS | Awarded to recognize and honor an individual or organization that has demonstrated a commitment to wellness through the development and implementation of a successful wellness program to support physicians, healthcare professionals and other healthcare workers.

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