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PCF Reveals 2023 Public Education Honoree: Dr. Susan Love and The Dr. Susan Love Foundation

LACMA's Patient Care Foundation to Present the 2023 Innovation Award for Public Education to Dr. Susan Love and the Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research, at the Los Angeles Healthcare Awards on Dec. 1!

Dedicated to advancing breast cancer research and driven by a mission to eliminate breast cancer, the Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research stands at the forefront of innovative initiatives. Their unwavering commitment to understanding the intricacies of breast malignancy and developing prevention methods has earned them recognition and acclaim.

Dr. Susan Love, a surgeon, author, researcher, and activist, was for decades one of the world's most visible public figures in the battle against breast cancer. Her early realization that the fight against breast cancer would entail not just medical battles but also political ones showcased her far-reaching vision. Dr. Love's impactful work helped reshape both the doctor's role and the patient's with respect to the treatment of breast cancer.

Ubiquitous, energetic, forthright, and occasionally controversial, Dr. Love was a pioneering force in the field of breast cancer treatment. Her legacy endures as she continues to influence the way breast cancer is understood and approached. It is with great honor that the Dr. Susan Love Foundation, and the indomitable spirit of Dr. Susan Love, are being recognized with the prestigious Innovation Award for Public Education at the Los Angeles Healthcare Awards.

INNOVATION AWARD FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION | Awarded in recognition of health education programs that empower patients to make decisions about their health to minimize illness, improve quality of life, make medical information accessible and usable, and advance the physician/patient relationship.

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